Social Strategy

Share, share and share. But first should you not listen? In Comunicare we think that social networks have given us a golden opportunity to know what customers think, they are encouraged to share with their circle of friends and finally to establish communication equals 2.0.

Comunicare devises unique social media strategies to reach the objectives of each business and to materialize on the major networks.

  • Analysis of social reputation

    We monitor what people are saying about your brand. Identify potential risks to manage and take advantage of opportunities.

  • Community Manager

    Managing different corporate profiles with a continuous flow of information between users and business. Creation and dissemination of dynamic content for the community.

  • Increase active usercommunity

    We help you increase the number of real fans and followers of your brand, creating a permanent communications channel with them.

  • Transforming fans into buyers

    We design specific strategies to get your pages generate sales.

  • Analytical design your Social Networks

    We analyze results and help you constantly improve.

  • Discover the digital potential of your business

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