Digital Strategy

The online marketing plan of a company needs a strategic perspective based on a profound understanding its business, its market and its competition. Each company is unique so we design tailored strategies for each one of our clients.

We think that before starting to drive, you need to desing the route. To help you achieve your goals we do the following actions:

  • Onsite Analysis:

    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Conversions
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic Analysis:

    Brand visibility online

    • Analytics
    • Presence in search engines
    • Presence in social media
    • Analysis of keywords
    • Rankings
    • Backlinks
  • Sector Analysis:

    Sector analysis and business opportunities on the Internet

    • Study your competition and how to overcome them
    • Weaknesses
    • Trends

After getting a grip of the strategy to be developed our team starts implementing the strategies, SEO, SEM, Social Networking, Email marketing….. but always keeping a strategic mindset all throughout the whole process.

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