Content Strategy

From the latest changes in the Google algorithm, the content has become the corner stone of Online Marketing. Comunicare designs and execute your content strategy that meets your goals, we design, create and distribute relevant content for your customers and potential customers in order to connect with them and draw them to the company.

Different types of content for different audiences.

  • Social Content

    (Blog, Social Networking) Our editorial team has extensive experience in many areas and creating high quality articles for users, always search engine optimized

  • Email Marketing

    We design, produce and manage email marketing campaigns to increase their lead, manage databases for customer loyalty and finally by tracking results and continuous optimization.

  • Premium Content

    (Infographics, videos, studies, downloadable, …) We design, manage and produce viral content in order to attract more attention to the company and create momentum among our target.

Content strategy is based on:

  • Content Plan

    We analyze your target audience and the issues that are most relevant to them . We think that maximize the viral content and organize and schedule in time to get the highest possible efficiency.

  • Dissemination plan

    Better analyze related media your target audience and design a plan to spread your content on these media every month. This accomplishes two critical goals: referral traffic to your hearing related web links and valuable related pages to increase your search engine relevance.

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