PPC & Affiliate Strategy

A successful online advertising campaign lies in the ratio between the investment and the number of leads or sales obtained. Google Adwords enables us to pay only for the visits received from real users, ie users who are genuinely interested in the business.

Comunicare helps you define your business objectives by designing unique advertising strategies and calculating the investment needed to each client.

  • Set segmentation parameters:

    We segment your PPC campaign keyword, country, language, time, for maximum relevance to your ads and get better results.

  • We study the potential in different networks:

    Local searches, display, mobile .. We make sure that your ads only go where they get good results.

  • Define ads that best converted:

    We create, we tested and redesigned ads permanently to select those that are able to generate more traffic and sales for your company.

  • Tracking results and ongoing optimization:

    Every month we optimize Adwords campaign to go getting a greater return on your investment (quality clicks to best possible price.)

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