Ecommerce Strategy

If you have an idea, you have a business. However to launch that business successfully you need a winning strategy. In Comunicare know how to help you to define your business goals and how to achieve them.

Comunicare Ecommerce services are divided in two areas:

  • Analyse your online business:

    • Optimize store for all devices and thus be able to attract more users.
    • Site Usability (faster loading , intuitive product search, unsaturated interface …)
    • Study of the Sales Funnels that allows us to see potential sales opportunities (hot spots)
    • Conversion Increase identifying reasons for cart abandonment and improving the user experience.
  • Online marketing services:

    • Managing Email marketing campaigns for customer loyalty.
    • Positioning in web search engine with keywords relevant to the business.
    • Promotional campaigns in Google Adwords.
    • Designing and launching contests and sweepstakes on social networks to leverage business opportunities .
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