Search Strategy

To exist on the internet it is not only necessary to have website. Your website has to be visible and be well positioned in search engines. To do this you have heard words like SEO, keywords, backlinks, goals, optimization, …. But what is all this? What do I have to do to get users to come to my site from the search engines?

On Comunicare we help you design your positioning strategy defining business goals and how to get into the search engines. This strategy, closely linked to the content strategy,increases traffic to your website very significantly.

WEB Positioning

  • Study the most interesting keywords for your business

    We define the potential keywords for your business, segmented by importance and ease of positioning.

  • Optimize your page

    We study anything that can improve your page from a positioning standpoint.

  • Effective Online Communication

    We create strategic links of high value to your website every month. We seek, negociate and manage the inclusion of relevant content in all those places that help your natural position.

  • Monitoring and analysis:

    In order to improve outcomes is cirtical to measure and analyse what strategies give a better return.

  • Discover the digital potential of your business

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