Analytics and conversion

What is not measured cannot be controlled and improved. Working without data is like driving without seeing.
Analysis and control of results is the backbone of all our marketing because it is verified that the actions that are taking place are meeting the objectives.

Our analytics tema is always looking for new ways to turn data into opportunity and how to improve your digital ROI.

How do we do?

  • Setup Google Analytics

    • Install Google Analytics
    • Tracking Metrics
    • OptimizationFunnels
    • Optimización de Funnels
    • Campaigns analysis
    • Integration with Adwords.
  • Setup Google WebmasterTools

    • Installing Google WebmasterTools
    • SEO Tracking
    • Indexing Sitemaps.
    • Bug Fixes
  • Designing KPIs

    • Set goals according to KPIs
    • Metrics monitoring
    • Report results
  • Conversion Analysis:

    • Heat Maps
    • Tests A/B
    • Multivariate Tests
  • Discover the digital potential of your business

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